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Barclays Bank Waterlooville - Business Manager
Thank you! Good old fashioned customer service is alive and well at Jonathan C Hobbs Opticians.
Mr Doug Bowen
Dear Mr Hobbs
You asked me the question "why JC Hobbs Opticians?" I did say it was the illustrious name of Charles and thus I associated it with Dickens, Darwin, Lindbergh and my own Prince Charles! I could have said that as a Pompey Season holder I feel that the Referees are in need of a better sponsor and likewise me a better Optician.

However, having walked the length of Waterlooville and its byways and on entering a number of Opticians my true reasons as a discerning customer are:-

1) The clean cut design of the display in the shop window
2) The neat and spacious atmosphere of the interior
3) The receptionist was pleasant and helpful but not forceful
4) During discussions regarding the frames I was not pressed for all the additions
5) You (Mr Hobbs) were honest about my needs and for the first time in many years I received an appraisal of "your eyesight is good"

Thank you for the reassuring, excellent customer service,


Doug Bowen